2. tapaaminen, Turku 18.-19.11.2010, Exhibitions as Sites of Cultural Diversity – Foreignness

Thursday 18 November 2010
University of Turku, Sirkkala campus, Kaivokatu 12

10.15-10.25    Opening, Professor Auvo Kostiainen, Aikala, Historicum
10.25-11.15    Session 1 (chair Taina Syrjämaa)

  • Marie-Sofie Lundström: ”Even a negro should have the nose in its right place.” The reception of the painter Hugo Backmansson’s Northern African themes in Finnish art exhibitions during the first half of the twentieth century
  • Laura Boxberg: Constructing the Nordic collaboration. The 1962 Venice Biennale and the question of Finnishness

11.15-12.15    lunch

12.15-13.30    Keynote lecture (chair Taina Syrjämaa) Janus lecture hall

  • Anders Ekström (Dr., Research Leader, History of Science and Technology, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm): Exhibiting disasters: Transnational imaginaries in early twentieth century popular visual culture

13.30-14.00    coffee

14.00-15.10    Session 2 (chair Marie-Sofie Lundström) Aikala, Historicum

  •  Hilde Nielssen & Sigrid Lien: Stories told through images: Photography as an entrance to the colonial past
  • Leila Koivunen: Exemplary foreignness. Founding of the Finnish Museum of Arts and Crafts with Oriental flavours

15.10-15.30    break

15.30-17.15    Session 3 (chair Leila Koivunen) Aikala, Historicum

  • Taina Syrjämaa: Hues of foreignness. Visitors’ descriptions of a Finnish exhibition
  • Marja-Terttu Kivirinta: Foreign (Finnish) manifestation and the French (art) scene in 1900 and in 1908
  • Anniina Lehtokari: Finnish Museum with foreign fixtures? Creating the National Museum of Finland in the beginning of the 20th century
  • Nika Potinkara: The self and the other: Representations of ethnicity in Sámi museums.